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Board Meeting Policy

Adopted September 2002

The Preble County District Library Board of Trustees complies with ORC 121.22 (Sunshine Law) in the following manner:

• All meetings are properly called publicly posted at each library through the monthly Calendar of Events, a notice published in the Eaton Register-Herald and any person who inquires, in person or by telephone, concerning the date, time and place of such meetings shall be so informed. If the meeting date or location is changed, notice of the change is posted at the expected meeting place.

• All meetings are open to the public except during executive session to discuss personnel matters, to consult with Legal Counsel, to discuss library security, to consider the purchase or sale of property and for matters required to be kept confidential by federal law, rules, or state statue.

The public may participate in these public meetings by contacting the Library Director or the Board President before noon (12 PM) on the day of the meeting.

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