Preble County District Library

New Paris Library

The vision of the New Paris Library is to be valued and recognized, by people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, as their doorway to reading, information and technology.

The mission of the New Paris Library is to facilitate lifelong learning; to stimulate and nurture a desire to read in young people; to provide reading materials to meet the interests of all ages; and to enrich the quality of life in the community of New Paris, Jefferson Township, and Preble County.

New Paris libarary

115 N. Washington Street, New Paris, OH 45347
Phone: (937) 437-7242 Fax: (937) 437-0772


Monday - Wednesday: 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Closed Sundays


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During the summer of 1902, a group of area ladies assembled upon the request of Miss Carrie Reid and began the Tuesday Club. The first proposition presented to the group was to establish a library in New Paris. The club solicited book and funds from friends, community organizations and residents. By January, 1903 they had 39 books.

The following January the library was opened in the front room of a cottage at the corner of Main and High Streets. A book case was donated by banker Albert Peele. Miss Edith Miller was the first librarian and members of the Tuesday Club took turns keeping the library open on Wednesday and Saturday.

For financial reasons, tickets were sold at $.50 each for the use of books. New books were purchased with the proceeds.

In April, 1904 the library moved to a room above what is now Bud Reid's Garage. A number of chairs, a stand and pictures were donated by citizens. More fundraising projects, such as spelling bees and ciphering matches, were held to purchase books.

In 1907 the Tuesday Club turned the library over to the local School Board to become a school district library. This included over 700 books, $50 cash, the insurance policy and all furnishings.

In 1913 the library was moved to a room now occupied by Irene Jefferson's store.

After the school district centralized in 1919, it was advised that the library again have its own legal board. Board Members included: Miss Carrie Reid, Miss Mildred Clark, C.W. Bloom, and Harry W. Bragg. The sale of the old Public Church brought $1,632.17 in revenue to the library.

The Jefferson Township Library moved to its present location, in the old newspaper building in December, 1926. The Library Board had purchased a lot at the corner of Cherry and Washington Streets in hopes of building a new library. In 1959 the library helped form the Preble County District Library system. That year, the New Paris Branch owned 9,500 books and had a circulation of 7,510 items. When it was decided in 1962 to remodel and keep the library at its present location, the lot was sold to First National Bank and the proceeds used to defray expenses.

Librarians include: Miss Edith Miller 1904-1907, Miss Carrie Whitaker 1907-1919, Mrs. Nelle Cockerill 1920-1957, Mrs. Esther Harter 1957-1980, Mrs. Barbara Dungan 1980-