Genealogical & Historical Records of Preble County, Ohio
Name Year of Record Type of Record Record ID #
Swihart, June 1971 Marriage mar18p030b
Swihart, June L. 1973 Marriage mar18p351
Swihart, Larry Alan 1976 Marriage mar19p290
Swihart, Larry Alan 1972 Marriage mar18p294
Swihart, Larry Allen 1975 Marriage mar19p276
Swihart, Lavina 1933 Obituary obill1933093
Swihart, Lillie M. 1902 Marriage mar7p381
Swihart, Lloyd 1928 Obituary obill192855
Swihart, Lloyd F. 1971 Marriage mar18p074
Swihart, Lloyd Franklin 1975 Marriage mar19p182
Swihart, Lloyd Franklin 1984 Marriage mar22p111b
Swihart, Lois 1968 Marriage mar17p213b
Swihart, Lois 1942 Marriage mar13p133
Swihart, Lois 1967 Marriage mar17p061
Swihart, Lois 1967 Marriage mar16p602
Swihart, Lon 1942 Marriage mar13p133
Swihart, Lon 1943 Obituary obirh1943058
Swihart, Lon 1926 Marriage mar11p313
Swihart, Lonnie 1943 Obituary obill194365
Swihart, Lonnie 1897 Marriage mar6p282


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