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Gratis Township, Preble County, Ohio


Land Patents at the
Bureau of Land Management

Wally Garchow's
Early Land Purchasers
in Preble County
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Land Patents after 1820 at the Bureau of Land Management

 Sec Desc  Twp Range Last Name First Name MI  Date Signed Acres
 15  WSW  4 N  3 E  TAYLOR    JAMES          1827/10/10   86.00
 21  NW    4 N  3 E  GREEN     HENRY          1825/03/11  156.96
 21  SW    4 N  3 E  JONES     WILLIAM        1825/03/11  156.96
 22  NE    4 N  3 E  ALLEN     JAMES          1825/03/11  156.40
 22  WNW  4 N  3 E  GOODWIN   JAMES          1825/03/11   78.20

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Cemeteries in Gratis Township--*some locations not yet verified


Other Names Location Section Latitude
Brubaker   West of SR122 and North St. in Gratis (Winchester) NW1/4 3 393857N
Fairfield   North edge of West Elkton on west side of SR 503 NE1/4 29 393533N
Fairview   South of Brubaker Rd. and west side of SR 122 at north edge of Gratis (Winchester) NW1/4 S3 & NE1/4 S4 393900N

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Fairmound   West side of SR 503 at north edge of West Elkton   393532N
Friends   East side of SR 503 at south edge of West Elkton (Quaker Church)   393511N
Gratis (Old) Winchester East side of Gratis (Winchester) 3  
Greenbush   Greenbush Rd. & Pleasant Valley Rd. SE1/4 23 393609N
Phillips*   West side of Brubaker Rd. on Brubaker farm north of SR725 SE1/4  5 393852N
Geeding?*   North of Lantis-Geeding Rd. on Barnhart farm SE1/4  11 393751N
name?*   East of Pleasant Valley Rd. on Beam farm SW1/4 12 393745N
*   Case farm on Pleasant Valley Rd. 13  

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