Preble County  Established and organized 1808

The pages in this section contain land patent information from the Bureau of Land Management. 

There are location guides for churches, cemeteries, schools and populated places.

The township maps include Range, Township and Section info along with current route numbers and roads. 

Tom Midlam

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Miami Valley Genealogical Index

Dixon Sugar Valley
Gasper Lake Lakengren Muttonville
Gratis Gratis (Winchester) Greenbush West Elkton
Harrison Georgetown Lewisburg (Euphemia) Verona (West Baltimore) West Sonora
Israel Claysburg College Corner Fairhaven Morning Sun Hueston Woods


Jackson Campbellstown (Florence Station) Crawfordsville  New Westville West Florence Westville Station

Populated Places

Church Locations

School Locations

Bridge Locations

Jefferson Belfast Brinley Station Gettysburg New Paris Orangeburg
Lanier Enterprise Ingomar West Alexandria

Preble County
Cemetery Name

Monroe Browns Station Eldorado Hagerstown Hamburg West Manchester
Somers Barnetts Station Camden Fosterville

Wally Garchow's
Early Land Purchasers
in Preble County

Twin Brennersville New Lexington West Alexandria
Washington Eaton Fort St. Clair

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