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Somers Township, Preble County, Ohio


Land Patents at the
Bureau of Land Management

Wally Garchow's
Early Land Purchasers
in Preble County
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Land Patents after 1820 at the Bureau of Land Management

 Sec Desc  Twp Range Last Name  First Name MI Date Signed Acres
 15  ENE  6 N  2 E  OVERPECK   JOHN          1825/03/11  80.00
 15  ESE  6 N  2 E  DENROSS    CHARLES       1825/03/11  80.00
 15  ESW  6 N  2 E  CORNWELL   SAMUEL        1829/04/02  80.00
 15  WSE  6 N  2 E  OVERPECK   VALENTINE     1825/03/14  80.00
 22  ENW  6 N  2 E  OVERPECK   GEORGE        1825/03/14  80.00
 22  ESW  6 N  2 E  JONES      CHARLES       1825/09/30  80.00
 22  NE    6 N  2 E  ALLEN      JAMES         1825/03/11  160.0
 22  SE    6 N  2 E  SHANNON    JAMES         1825/03/11  160.0
 22  WNW  6 N  2 E  ZIMMERMAN  JOHN          1825/03/11  80.00
 22  WSW  6 N  2 E  MOREY      WILLIAM       1827/10/10  80.00

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Cemeteries in Somers Township


Other Names Location Section Latitude
Backbone   Devil's Backbone Rd.--Old 725 west of Camden SW1/4  9 393739N
Bank Springs Kirvin, Pottenger East of bridge over Seven Mile Creek on Barnetts Mill Rd. NW1/4  2  
Bennett   South of Gasper-Somers Rd. near Camden Rd. NW1/4
Danser Newton, Williams West of US127 and south of Oxford-Germantown Rd. SE1/4 33 393421N
Davis   West of Wayne Trace Rd. and east of Pottenger Run south of SR 725 NW1/4 12  

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Earhardt   West of US127 and east of Stephens-Young Rd. south of Swan-Beatty Rd. NW1/4
Fairmount  Camden North of Camden Rd. and N. Main St. in Camden NW1/4 10 393823N
Hardin Old Civil War Grave East of Camden-Darrtown Rd. near Possum Run--Civil War burial--moved to Hardin County, OH SE1/4
Kiracofe Patterson East of Somers Rd. and south of Somers-Gratis Rd. NW1/4
Lowes Chapel  Kenworthy North side of SR 725 just west of Dillman Rd. and west of Camden SE1/4
Mound builders Indian Burial Ground North of Pogue Rd. and west of Magill Rd. on Davis farm SW1/4 22 393600N
Old Camden Cemetery  M. E. Church, Orchard Hill SR 725 (Central Ave.) just west of Camden SE1/4
Patterson   East of SR227 (Old US127) across from Swan-Beatty Rd. SE1/4
Pioneer Graves   Near US127 and Wayne Trace Rd. NE1/4
Teague   East of Camden-Darrtown Rd. and south of Oxford-Germantown Rd. SW1/4 32 393415N

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