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West's Encyclopedia of American Law

An overview of American Law covering historical and current terms, concepts, events, movements, cases and persons significant to it is presented in this resource.

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Preble County Village Ordinances:




Other Villages

County Commissioners

Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, Public & Private Laws

via the GPO website. Ask Reference Librarian for assistance.

Thomas Library of Congress information on legislation.

Ohio Constitution

Ohio Supreme Court

Ohio Twelfth District Court of Appeals

Ohio Bar Association

Ohio Revised Code

All statutes of a permanent and general nature of the state as revised and consolidated into general provisions, titles, chapters, and sections including all bills passed. For explanatory annotations, statutory credits, historical notes and court case references see print at the Eaton Branch.

Print Resources

Many Business resources are now only available in e-book format. In order to access both e-books and our print materials, search our catalog system by typing in your business subject area. For example: "Marketing" or "business legal", etc.

ADA Compliance Manual for EmployersMaureen F. Moore. 

Is a guide to handling the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on your employment practices.

Black's Law Dictionary,  Bryan A. Garner.

Over 43,000 legal terms are defined in this resource. Alternative spellings and equivalent terms are provided and/or cross-referenced. An abbreviation appendix is also included.


Employment in Ohio.Ed., Maynard G. Sautter.  

This reference work provides basic information concerning the laws, regulations, and polices affecting labor and employment in Ohio.

Ohio Consumer Law Harold L. Williams.

This handbook up-to-date analysis of recent legislation and case law to explain federal and state statutes, rules and court decisions applicable to consumer law in Ohio.

Ohio Landlord Tenant Law.  Frederic White. 

This resource examines all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship and is written in a question-and-answer format. Some topics covered include: lease & rental agreements, tenant & landlord letters and rent deposits.

Ohio Rules of Court: Local,

Ohio Rules of Court: State,

Ohio Rules of Court: Federal,

This set of books provides all the published state, federal and local rules that govern practice before the various courts in Ohio.

  Power of Attorney Handbook

Properly written powers of attorney will assure that financial, health care and/or childcare decisions are handled responsibly when a person cannot act personally. This new edition is a complete guide to preparing one's own power of attorney documents.


Hill, Sonya D., Editor.  Small Business Sourcebook. Detroit: Gale Research, 2 vols. 

In this annotated guide, you'll discover listings of live and print sources of information designed to facilitate the start-up, development and growth of specific small businesses, as well as similar listings for general small business topics. Entries are provided on a state-by-state basis; also included are relevant U.S. federal government agencies and branch offices.



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