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Home care companion”:
    Vol. 1 – How to care for someone on bed rest
    Vol. 2 – How to care for someone who uses a wheelchair
    Vol. 3 – Creating healthy home care conditions: infection control
    Vol. 4 – How to manage medications

The educated caregiver
    Vol. 1 – Coping skills
    Vol. 2 – Hands on skills
    Vol. 3 – Essential knowledge



A family caregiver speaks up: it doesn’t have to be this hard” by Suzanne Geffen Mintz

If only I’d had this caregiving book” by Maya Hennessey

The emotional survival guide for caregivers” by Barry J Jacobs

The American Medical Association guide to home caregiving

Caregiving sourcebook: basic consumer health information for caregiving, including a profile of caregivers” by Joyce Brennfleck Shannon

Keeping them healthy, keeping them home: how to care for your loved ones at home” by Ellen M Caruso

The comfort of home for chronic lung disease: a guide for caregivers” by Maria M Meyer

The comfort of home for Parkinson disease: a guide for caregivers” by Maria M Meyer

The comfort of home for stroke: a guide for caregivers” by Maria M Meyer

The comfort of home: a complete guide for caregivers” by Maria M Meyer

The comfort of home: an illustrated step-by-step guide for Multiple Sclerosis caregivers” by Maria M Meyer 

A caregiver: a life with Alzheimer’s” by Aaron Altera

Caring for the caregiver: a guide to living with Alzheimer’s disease

Navigating the Alzheimer’s journey: a compass for caregiving” by Carol Bowlby Sifton

Caregiving: a step-by-step resource for caring for the person with cancer at home” by Peter S Houts

Breast cancer husband: how to help your wife (and yourself) through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond” by Marc Silver

Alzheimer’s disease: unraveling the mystery” by the National Institute on Aging

Assisting handicapped children: a handbook for parents and involved professionals” by Earl Zehr

There’s still a person in there: the complete guide to treating and coping with Alzheimer’s” by Michael Castleman

Assistive technology for young children with disabilities: a guide to family – centered services” by Sharon Lesar Judge

Healing the new childhood epidemics: autism, ADHA, asthma, and allergies: the groundbreaking program for the 4-A disorders” by Kenneth Bock

Caring for patients from different cultures” by Geri-Ann Galanti

The Library also offers many books on health related issues such as, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, aspergers, COPD, cancer and many more. Please feel free to ask the librarian in your library for help.Camden                  452-3142                Mon - Thurs 2-8, Fri & Sat 10-5
Eaton                      456-4331                Mon – Thurs 9-8, Fri & Sat 9-5
Eldorado                 273-4933                Tue & Thurs 3-8, Sat 9-2
New Paris               437-7242                 Mon – Wed 2-8, Fri 10-4, Sat 10-2
West Alexandria     839-4915                 Mon – Wed 2-8, Fri 10-4, Sat 10-2
West Elkton            787-4873                 Mon & Wed 2:30-6:30, Sat 10-2
West Manchester    678-8503                 Mon & Wed 3-8, Sat 9-2


Today's Caregiver

About.com Caregiver Support

Medline plus

National Family Caregivers Association


Family Caregiving

Caregiving.com for Everyday Heroes


National Alliance for Caregiving

USA.gov : Caregiver's Resources

Family Caregiver Support Network

Alzheimer Caregiver Support Online

Well Spouse Association: Support for Spousal Caregivers

Elder Care Online Caregiver Support Network



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