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Where are you going to be in a year?

Five years?
Ten years?
How do you envision your future?

Career Links:

Quintessential Careers
Everything explained, information on college, financial aid and careers.

College Links:

Stop shifting though brochures and websites. CollegeNet searches for colleges that meet your criteria and hundreds of scholarships.

Peterson's Planner    
Extensive information on financial aid, preparing for tests, finding a school, and deadlines for applications.

Peterson's Prep Central: SAT
Practice for the SAT, ACT and AP with free practices tests. Registration is required. Also, get test-taking and study advice.

Saving for College
An informative site for students and parents that provides information on how to save and pay for college. The site also covers financial aid information.

Study Stack
Provides games and flash cards  to help study for a variety of subjects.



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